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In order to comply with our clients technical requirements, it is Metrade's philosophy that the sales personnel are working closely with our technical staff. This cooperation will ensure that the best technical solution is upheld.

Our highly qualified engineers who possesses sound technical knowledge are involved from the beginning evaluating the inquiry documents and they are closely following the orders until they are completed with the delivery of the "As built" documentation.

Included in the term "Technical" are also the QA, QC and documentation handling of an order.

Our technical staff have the knowledge of different specifications, rules and regulations. This comes in addition to the general knowledge of material, piping and welding science.

Quality Management System

Metrade has established a quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and got certified by M/S Vellosi. We have chosen and appointed M/S Vellosi as accrediting body, because of their expertise and set standards of auditing and process checking.

A main target is that the quality management system shall help us to improve our performance, reduce cost and give direct benefit to our customers accordingly.

The opportunity to establish a system from scratch has given Metrade many advantages and the unique chance to be open minded and creative. The result is a quality system that is easy to follow and maintain.

Piping Schedule

Please click on the picture to open the pipe schedule in pdf format. The schedule gives you an overview of the wall thickness' and weights of pipes according to ASME B36.10 and B36.19 standards.


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