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  • Dimensions & materials acc. to ASTM, API, ANSI/ASME, MSS SP, DIN, BS, EN

    The many types of flanges are mainly used to connect mechanically two pipes together. Flanges allows also one pipe to be mechanically connected to a valve, fitting or other equipment.

    The principle of a flange is to use a mechanical force by using bolts to preload the gasket until there is enough contact stress between the flanges and the gasket to maintain a seal. The connection to pipe is done by welding or threaded connections.


    Welding Neck Flange
    Blind Flange
    Slip On Flange
    Screw on Flange
    Socket Weld Flange
    Nipo Flange
    Latro Flange
    Elbo Flange
    Orifice Flange
    Compact Flange
    Anchor Flange
    Swivel Flange
    Line Blinds
    Cladded Flanges


    Carbon Steel
    Carbon Steel High Yield
    Carbon Steel Low Temperature
    Carbon Steel High Temperature
    Stainless Steel
    22% Cr Duplex
    25% Cr Superduplex
    Super Austenitic
    Cupro Nickel
    Nickel Based Alloys


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